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Friday, August 29, 2008

A Naughty Excerpt

I thought it would be fun to post a naughty excerpt for this week's release, Behind the Mask. I hope you enjoy it!

By the way, there's a good reason why the man on the cover looks like Phantom from Phantom of the Opera :)

Available Now!
“Behind the Mask” by Tawny Taylor
Length: Short Novella
Price: 2.50
Publication Date: Aug. 26, 2008

Three nights of uninhibited kink—and you’re invited.

Kelly Bennett is about to embark on a journey into a strange and foreign world, where men and women play erotic games of power and lust, hiding behind masks. A dark world of bondage, of domination and submission, of masters and slaves. The world of Masquerade Weekend.

But her journey is not a solitary one. She’s found a willing guide in Rogan Cayne, a man who knows his way around. A man with the strength to keep her safe as she indulges in some experimentation, and maybe a game or two of cat and mouse. As she lets Rogan slowly lure her with a touch, a look, and a few whispered words, she suddenly finds she’s a mouse with one very fierce cat on her tail.

Rogan isn’t about to let Kelly play it safe during this weekend of decadent, carnal exploration. In fact, before the weekend draws to a close, he intends to strip away her every defense and bring the luscious little submissive to her knees.

But is he willing to pay the price to discover what lies beneath her mask?

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, mild bondage and discipline, exhibitionism, BDSM themes, and a couple of naughty games.

“Come with me.” He released her, and she nearly stumbled to the floor.

She blinked her eyes open and turning, searched for him. He was standing at the rear of the dungeon, waiting by the door, his mouth quirked into a lopsided smile.

He truly was the most handsome guy she’d ever met. He had this way of looking at her. Like he was hunting her, but not at all in a creepy way. No, quite the opposite, that wicked gleam in his eyes was so very sexy. And when she closed her eyes, that was what she saw. His I’m-going-to-eat-you-up expression.

He watched her as she walked toward him. It felt like every cell in her body was electrified when she brushed past him, through the door. He placed a hand on the small of her back, using subtle pressure to steer her down the hall, through the foyer and up the stairs to the private rooms above. Even with the thick material of her gown and corset between her back and his hand, her skin tingled where he touched her.

He stopped in front of a door. “We must be respectful. Once we’re inside, you cannot speak. If you want to leave, simply squeeze my hand.” He slid his hand into hers.

“Okay.” She gave him a test squeeze and a nervous smile.

He opened the door and pulled her inside, quietly stepping aside to close the door.

Totally aware of his movements—he now stood directly behind her, so close—she felt jittery and uneasy. But she didn’t move. Not a step.

Before her, a scene with two men and a woman was in progress. All three were completely nude. And all three were very attractive. She couldn’t tear her eyes away.

The woman—perfect face, and that body! I hate her—was on her knees. One of the two men was standing directly in front of her, the other behind. It didn’t take long to figure out that the man standing in front of the woman was her Master. And in the next minute, Kelly learned he was about to turn his slave over to a new Master.

Kelly couldn’t imagine what it must feel like to be turned over from one lover to another, completely powerless to voice her opinion in the matter. Was the slave sad, to be hearing her Master no longer wanted her? Or was she happy and excited, ready to move on? Was there some kind of emotional attachment she had for the man who was willingly walking out of her life?

From her vantage, Kelly couldn’t see the woman’s face. And the woman’s body language wasn’t giving anything away. Kelly watched, with her breath in her throat.

This was real. It was…shockingly real.

The former Master bid his slave goodbye. He moved aside, and the new Master took his place.

“Present, slave,” the new Master demanded.

The woman cupped her hands under her full breasts and lifted them. “Your slave presents these breasts for your inspection and approval.”

“Approved,” her Master said.

The woman’s hands dropped to the vee of her thighs, parting her shaved labia. “Your slave presents this pussy for your inspection and approval.”

Her Master glanced down at his slave, then over Kelly’s shoulder, nodding at Rogan. “It would be my pleasure to invite our host to inspect my new slave.”


This was crazy. Strange and foreign. And yet Kelly felt like she was being drawn into this dark world, where women were traded like possessions, offered to other men. Could she fit in this world? Did she want to?

“Watch me,” Rogan whispered into her ear, before brushing past her. As he walked, his fingertips slid along the length of her fingers.

To her surprise, the simple touch did some not-so-simple things to her body.

He circled the slave, stooped in front of her and, his intense gaze focused on Kelly’s face, reached between the woman’s legs. Kelly’s pussy thrummed as she watched him slide his fingers into the woman’s pussy. So hot.

The way Rogan was looking at her, it was as if he was either touching her, instead of the slave, or touching the slave for her. The corners of his lips curled into a ghost of a smile, and quivering, Kelly pressed her fingertips to her mouth.

A bizarre current zapped between them, and she didn’t want the moment to end, as awkward and nerve-wracking and thrilling as it was. But much too soon, he broke the connection, stood and crossed his arms over his chest.

“I approve,” Rogan said.

“Thank you,” the Master said, nodding. “Can I offer my slave to you?”

Rogan glanced at Kelly and smiled wider. “Maybe later. Thank you.”

“It would be my pleasure.”

Rogan swept his arm toward the slave. “Please, continue.” He returned to Kelly and once again took her hand in his. She knew by doing so he was asking her if she wanted to leave, but the scene between the Master and his new slave intrigued her. She could almost imagine herself in the woman’s place, on her knees, her heart banging madly against her breastbone, her body aflame as she waited for her new Master’s next command.

The Master ordered his slave to a low bench against the wall. He secured the woman’s wrists in cuffs chained to the wooden supports affixed to the wall. The entire time the Master worked, Kelly’s focus was on the slave, her face, her eyes.

From the moment they’d stepped into this room, Kelly’s heart hadn’t stopped thumping heavily in her chest. And her face and chest felt hot, like she’d been standing too close to a tanning lamp. Adding to the whole thing, she was all too aware of Rogan behind her. He released her hand, instead sliding his hands around her sides and pulling her snug against him.

Her head was sort of spinny, her body tingly and twitchy and hot. She was very grateful for Rogan’s support—both the very literal one and the figurative one—especially when the Master dug into a large bag on the floor, produced a huge dildo and thrust it into his slave’s open pussy.

At exactly the same moment, Rogan reached between Kelly’s legs and dragged his hand along her wet slit, covered by a thin layer of sodden satin.

“Oh God,” Kelly murmured, quivering.

“Silence,” Rogan whispered. His fingers traced the top of Kelly’s thigh-high stockings. “Stay silent and still. Watch. Learn. Enjoy.”

How could she possibly stay silent when she was burning up inside? When the world around her didn’t make any sense, and she was alternating between cold shock and desperate desire?

Was this real? Any of it?

God help her, she hoped it was. She watched the Master before her repeatedly thrust that dildo into the trembling slave until she quaked and pled for mercy. At the same time, Rogan’s fingers danced over Kelly’s panties, teasing her pussy through the material. He hooked his fingers in the crotch and pulled sharply. The drenched material gave easily, tearing away. Kelly flinched and swallowed a yelp of surprise.

As he slid his fingers inside her, she leaned into him and sighed.

This was not happening. She was not letting a virtual stranger finger-fuck her while she watched a man “train” his bondage slave by driving an enormous dildo into her pussy. No, siree. Wasn’t happening.

Oh God, it was. And she liked it. She did. So much, so, in fact that she was going to come.

“Touch your pussy. Stroke your clit, my little whore,” Rogan murmured.

Desperate for release, she reached between her legs, and her fingers brushed over Rogan’s knuckles as she dragged some of her juices up to her supersensitive clit. She barely touched her pearl before it was all over.

Her knees buckled and a burst of heat blazed through her body. Her vagina tightened around Rogan’s invading fingers for a split second, until her orgasm swept through her. The pleasure. So intense. Her pussy convulsed rhythmically as the rest of her body quaked.

Rogan completely supported her weight with one arm while he used his other hand to prolong her pleasure, plunging in and out, stroking her intimately, his fingertips grazing that one special spot inside. She dropped her head back and rocked it from side to side. So hot. So, so hot. And desperate. And…more. She wanted more.

“Until tomorrow, my sweet whore,” Rogan said, slipping his hand out from between her legs. He pressed her fingertips to his lips, smiled.

And then he left her, and she was breathless and trembling. Confused and exhilarated.

What a night.

She couldn’t wait until tomorrow.


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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I have new release jitters

Like a lot of authors, I'm always super nervous on a new release day. After sweating, fretting and obsessing over so many releases, I've determined that'll never change :) I torture myself, sitting in front of the computer all day, reading and rereading the blurb, the excerpt, checking ranking if it's available.

So, today, you know where I'll be. Refreshing the HOME PAGE on Samhain's site until my book appears, and then checking the MBAM home page and rankings until the wee hours of tomorrow morning. Those mega doses of caffeine don't help the jitters much :)

“Behind the Mask” by Tawny Taylor

Read An Excerpt Online
Genre: ,

ISBN: 1-60504-138-6
Length: Short Story
Price: 2.50
Publication Date: August 26, 2008
Cover art by Scott Carpenter

Three nights of uninhibited kink—and you’re invited.

Kelly Bennett is about to embark on a journey into a strange and foreign world, where men and women play erotic games of power and lust, hiding behind masks. A dark world of bondage, of domination and submission, of masters and slaves. The world of Masquerade Weekend.

But her journey is not a solitary one. She’s found a willing guide in Rogan Cayne, a man who knows his way around. A man with the strength to keep her safe as she indulges in some experimentation, and maybe a game or two of cat and mouse. As she lets Rogan slowly lure her with a touch, a look, and a few whispered words, she suddenly finds she’s a mouse with one very fierce cat on her tail.

Rogan isn’t about to let Kelly play it safe during this weekend of decadent, carnal exploration. In fact, before the weekend draws to a close, he intends to strip away her every defense and bring the luscious little submissive to her knees.

But is he willing to pay the price to discover what lies beneath her mask?

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, mild bondage and discipline, exhibitionism, BDSM themes, and a couple of naughty games.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Free Tudors Workshop

Forwarded with permission:

What: The Tudors
Instructor: Eliza Knight
When: August 18 - 21
Fee: Open to Public but must register if you wish to comment

The Tudor reign began in 1485 and ended in 1603. There were six reigning monarchs in the Tudor dynasty: Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Jane Grey, Mary I and Elizabeth I. Although some may not consider Jane Grey to have been a monarch considering she was only on the throne for nine days, I will include it because however short she was crowned queen.

A genealogical tree for the Tudors will be provided for information on births, deaths, marriages and children.

There will be six lessons during this course, one lesson for each monarch. Each lesson will discuss events during the reign of the monarchs, such as educational accomplishments, marriages, children, foreign policy, Acts within England, person’s close to them including advisors, and I will throw in some fun facts and gritty scandals too.

Questions and discussion welcome throughout, and there will be assignments and the end of each lesson to help refresh your memory of all the fascinating history you will learn.

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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Romance Author Arrested!

***Permission to Forward***

Romantic Inks have arrested author Gemma Halliday! She’s being charged with murdering secondary characters.

Help Gemma post bail by donating money. One lucky donator will receive a signed copy of ALIBI IN HIGH HEELS.

More on the investigation is available here:

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Friday, August 08, 2008

Do you write hot historical romances?

Check out Harlequin's new ebook program: Harlequin Historical Undone (hope they come up with a better name).


Harlequin Historical UNDONE

Writing Guidelines—Historical UNDONE (working name)

Word Length: 10-15,000 words

Format: eBooks

Senior Editor: Linda Fildew

Editor: Suzanne Clarke

Editorial Assistant: Mimi Berchie

Editorial Office: London

If you've always wanted to write for Harlequin Historical, but were daunted by the length, now is your chance to submit something shorter!
The response to Harlequin Historical's more sensual storylines have been so positive that we are creating a new eBook sexy short story program—Historical UNDONE.

In Historical UNDONE we are looking for a high level of sensuality that flows naturally out of the plotline. There should be a strong emotional basis to the heightened attraction—it's vital the reader can believe in the intense emotion driving the characters as their relationship develops. These stories should be hot, sexy and subtly explicit without the lovemaking being vulgar or gratuitous.

Whether you choose a dark and devilishly sexy Regency rake caught in a compromising situation with a headstrong miss, or a courageous Saxon lady held captive by a powerful Norman warrior, your characters should be fully fleshed out and should be the main focus of the story.

The history should be well researched in order to give an authentic sense of period without taking over from the romance. We are happy to consider stories set in ancient civilizations up to and including the First and Second World Wars. What remains ever popular are the Regency tales, which could see your characters scandalizing high society or being drawn into a salacious underworld inhabited by pickpockets and courtesans!

We are also open to slightly different elements from those normally found in Harlequin Historical books. Please feel that you can explore aspects of the paranormal and time travel.

You do not need to be agented to send material to us. We are actively looking for talented new authors and wish you every success with your submissions.

Only complete manuscripts submitted electronically will be considered—no partials or queries, please. Submissions should be sent as a Word-compatible attachment. Submissions should also follow standard formatting guidelines and should be double-spaced and typed in a clear, legible font on numbered pages. Author name and title should appear as a header or footer on each page.

Historical UNDONE e-mail address:

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Market updates from RWA

Forwarded with permission with a thank you to author Cynthia Sterling:
[CynthiaSterling] Market News for Week of August 3, 2008

Hello, everyone. I'm home from the Romance Writers of America national
convention in San Francisco. The mood this year was decidedly upbeat. While
the economy may be having troubles, sales of romance are up in most areas. I
guess people have figured out that even if they can't afford to take a
vacation, a romance novel is inexpensive and satisfying entertainment.

Over the next few weeks I'll share the news from the conference, and will
summarize the various publisher Spotlights. It would have been physically
impossible to attend all the spotlights, so I've ordered the whole
conference CD to allow me to share those I couldn't attend. The CD takes
about 8 weeks to arrive but trust me, eventually you will have all the


I'll start today with my own publisher, Harlequin Books. They report that
category romance sales are swinging up, with foreign sales increasing as
well. And they're looking for new authors. This is Harlequin's 60th
Anniversary year, so look for special events and promotions in all the

Harlequin has three acquisition offices, in New York, Toronto and London.
Approximately 1200 authors write for Harlequin. Harlequin books are
published in 29 languages on 6 continents. More information on the company
and guidelines for the lines mentioned below may be found at . (For writer's guidelines, scroll to the very
bottom of the page and click on Writing Guidelines.)

Harlequin American celebrates its 25th anniversary as a line this year.
Senior Editor Kathleen Schiebling spoke about this line, which features
"romances about the pursuit of love and family." American books must have a
family element. These books are known for their strong sense of place. They
may be set in small towns or big cities. Secondary characters play a big
part but can't take over the story. The tone of the books in this line
ranges from light comedy to serious drama. Popular themes include blended
families and babies and pregnancies. Readers of this line love book set in
the American west featuring ranchers, cowboys, and rodeo riders. The heroes
in American romances have a strong desire for family. 55,000 - 60,000 words.
4 books a month. Submit to Kathleen in Harlequin's Toronto office.

Senior Editor Patience Smith spoke about Silhouette Romantic Suspense. SRS
books focus on the romance of two people thrust into extraordinary
circumstances. These are larger-than-life stories which include elements of
suspense and danger, but the emphasis is always on the love story. Examples
of movies with this type of story are The Thomas Crowne Affair and The Big
Easy. Romantic Suspense books "pack a punch from the very beginning and
carry through to the end." Popular character types and themes include
brides, babies, westerns, military and law enforcement. SRS editors love
international settings. While characters may have psychic abilities, they
don't want any other paranormal elements. These stories are also 55,000 to
60,000 words. 4 books a month. Send your submissions to Patience, Shayna
Smith or Natasha Wilson in Harlequin's New York office.

Senior Editor Kimberley Young was not at the conference, so Linda Fildew
provided the details for the Harlequin Romance line. Harlequin Romance has
roots in the original Mills and Boon romances. These 50,000 to 55,000 word
stories "capture the initial rush of falling in love." The focus is on the
hero and heroine. A happy ending is required, but that doesn't have to mean
a wedding or marriage proposal at the end of the book. Sex is allowed in
these books, but it shouldn't be explicit. Characters should be
"contemporary and realistic, but classically romantic." The stories must
have emotional depth. Examples of movies with the type of stories they're
looking for are Love, Actually; The Holiday and Knocked Up. Heroes in
Romance books are contemporary and strong, not weak. They're someone you'd
like to have as a friend. The hero should be a modern man. He can be
slightly larger than life, a bit of a fantasy figure. Conflict should drive
the relationship, but the plot of the book can't override the romance. Don't
include too many secondary characters. These books have a global appeal, so
international settings are welcome. They publish 6 books a month. Send the
first three chapters and a synopsis to Kimberley Young or Meg Lewis in
Harlequin's London office.

Silhouette Desire books are "powerful, passionate and provocative." These
stories are pure romantic escapism. The hero of a Desire is powerful and
wealthy, an alpha male who may be arrogant and entitled, direct but not
cruel. He's not too sensitive or weak. The heroine is strong-willed and
smart, but capable of making mistakes, especially when it comes to love.
These stories are more conflict-driven than character-driven. They are
dramatic and intense. Popular themes are revenge, reunions, secret babies
and marriages of convenience, office romances and new dads. The editors
aren't interested in suspense, paranormal or character-driven stories. The
stories should contain a moderate to high level or sensuality and one love
scene is required. 50,000 words. 6 books a month. Submit to Melissa
Jeglinski or Shayna Smith in the New York office.

Kimani Press is one of the newest additions to the Harlequin family. Kimani
publishes a wide variety of books featuring African-American stories, from
YA in Kimani Tru to the traditional romance of Arabesque. Senior Editor
Kelly Martin shared details of Kimani Romance, which publishes 4 books a
month. These 55,000 - 60,000 word stories vary from drama, to humor,
romantic suspense and some interracial romances. This year there is an
increased focus on mini-series within the line featuring families or themes.
According to Kelly, there are four hallmarks of a Kimani Romance: 1)
contemporary settings and characters. These books feature the experiences of
today's women. 2) high sensuality, but always tasteful. 3) the heroes are
successful good guys. Heroines are career women committed to bettering their
lives. 4) intense focus on the romantic relationship. Submit your work to
Kelly in the New York office.

Harlequin Superromance publishes 6 books a month, 60,000-65,000 words.
Senior Editor Wanda Ottewell is looking for "gripping, believable romance
with emotional depth and complexity and believable and sustainable
conflict." She cautioned that bickering and sniping is not conflicts.
Conflict should arise out of the beliefs each character holds, beliefs that
derive from their life experiences. Opposing beliefs and conflicting goals
make for strong, believable conflicts. In order for the romance to work,
both the hero and heroine must make compromises. Superromance books are page
turners known for compelling emotion. All tones are welcome, including
humor, suspense, family drama and adventure. Families and babies are popular
themes. The focus of the story is always on the central romance. Secondary
characters and subplots are welcome, but all characters must be
well-developed. Submit the first three chapters and a synopsis to Victoria
Curran or Wanda Ottewell in the Toronto office.

Next week, I'll conclude my look at Harlequin's category romance lines.

Editorial changes to note:

Suzanne Clark is now editor at Harlequin Historical, replacing Joanne Carr.

At Harlequin Presents, Senior Editor Bryony Green is on maternity leave.
Joanne Carr is now editing at Presents, and Jenny Hutton has replaced Joanne
Carr at Presents.

Valerie Gray replaces Margaret Marbury as executive editor at MIRA books.
Margaret Marbury is now Editorial Director for Harlequin's Single Title
Program, replacing Dianne Moggy, who has been named Vice President, Overseas
editorial strategy and development.

MIRA books editor Miranda Stecyk is now Miranda Indrigo
MIRA books and Spice editor Susan Pezzack is now Susan Swinwood

Kerry Donovan is now an acquiring editor at NAL

Peter Borland has been named Editorial Director at Atria Books.

Rosalind Greenberg has been named the new Novel Acquisitions Editor for all
lines of Five Star, taking over those and all editorial oversight duties
from John Helfers.

Cindi Myers
A Soldier Comes Home, Super Romance, June 2008
At Her Pleasure, Blaze, September 2008 ,

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Monday, August 04, 2008

How was your weekend?

I had a WONDERFUL weekend. Spent some time with the kids--just a simple day at the sprinkler part, eating ice cream, playing at the park. But it was nice and relaxing.

Then, when we returned home, I found out my upcoming Aphrodisia title, WICKED BEAST, is already up for preorder on Amazon! Whoo hooo! There's no cover yet or cover copy. But it's there and I'm so excited!

For those who are curious, the following short blurb appears in Kensington's catalog:
Tawny Taylor, author of Dark Master, delivers a witty, kinky new novel with
a paranormal twist, in which a writer’s fictional hero comes to life…

So, what did you do? Anything exciting? I'm hearing from some costume customers that their Renaissance festivals are about to start. The Michigan Ren Fest begins in a couple weeks. I'm sewing like a fiend, getting the kiddies' costumes ready. There is NOTHING cuter than kids in Rennie garb.

Wicked Hot Erotic Fiction

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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Scammer Warning!

Forwarded from the Romance Divas
NEW ALERT FROM WRITER BEWARE: Writers’ Literary Agency & Marketing Company (formerly The Literary Agency Group)

The Literary Agency Group, a business owned or controlled by Robert M. Fletcher of Boca Raton, Florida, changed its name in February 2007 to Writers’ Literary Agency & Marketing Company (a.k.a. WL Writers’ Literary Agency).

This umbrella group includes or has included the following agencies:

* Christian Literary Agency
* New York Literary Agency
* Stylus Literary Agency (formerly ST Literary Agency, formerly Sydra-Techniques)
* WL Children’s Agency (a.k.a. Children’s Literary Agency)
* WL Poet’s Agency (a.k.a. Poet’s Literary Agency)
* WL Screenplay Agency (a.k.a. The Screenplay Agency)
* Writers’ Literary & Publishing Services Company (the editing arm of the above-mentioned agencies)

Since this company began operating in 2001 under the name Sydra-Techniques, Writer Beware has received hundreds of complaints and advisories of fee-charging, editing referrals, and other questionable practices. We’re not aware that the company has a significant track record of commercial book sales under any of its names, despite its claims to the contrary.

Writers who have had trouble with Robert M. Fletcher or any of the above-named companies, and who are or were residents of the state of Florida, please get in touch with Ann Crispin at (or , if the AOL address bounces), even if you have previously contacted her. Please provide complete contact information.

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Forwarding a call for submissions...

Please note: I am not personally familiar with this publisher, so please don't consider this post a personal endorsement.



Sapphire Blue Publishing (www.sapphirebluepu blishing. com) is looking for
great manuscripts to fill some open spots in our fall lineup.

Do you have any manuscripts hidden under the bed or wasting away on your
hard drive that keep begging to be let out for some fresh air? Do you have
an off the wall story premise or set of characters that's been hard to find
a home for? Do you have a story that you've received the rights back on that
you'd love to take out for another spin? Have you been told that your story
crosses all genres and may be hard to place?

If your story meets the criterion below, we would love to hear from you!

We are currently seeking:

- Romance. All subgenres, all heat levels and lengths
- Mystery/Suspense
- Horror
- Gay/Lesbian

We are a royalty paying publisher and we accept story lengths from 10k and

For more information, reference the submissions page of our website
(www.sapphirebluepu blishing. com)

Send your submission to submissions@ sapphirebluepubl and in the
subject line write Autumn Submission!

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Friday, August 01, 2008

Prizes Galore!

Lately, I've been lurking online more than usual. Getting the costume thing up and running has been a full time job, and trying to sneak in some writing time has become a real challenge. Blogging, myspace, etc. have taken a back seat.

But I did want to let anyone who might be interested know that the Romance Divas are hosting an online Not Going To Conference Conference on the forums, and the workshops have been wonderful. There are dozens of prizes being awarded to conference attendees, including gift cards, books and critique services, and I've seen Q&A sessions with some editors I'd love to chat with.

And the best part--everything is FREE!

Come join the fun! Click "forums", sign up for a free account, and enjoy!

MASTERS OF ILLUSION, Available Now! Ellora's Cave

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