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Friday, August 08, 2008

Do you write hot historical romances?

Check out Harlequin's new ebook program: Harlequin Historical Undone (hope they come up with a better name).


Harlequin Historical UNDONE

Writing Guidelines—Historical UNDONE (working name)

Word Length: 10-15,000 words

Format: eBooks

Senior Editor: Linda Fildew

Editor: Suzanne Clarke

Editorial Assistant: Mimi Berchie

Editorial Office: London

If you've always wanted to write for Harlequin Historical, but were daunted by the length, now is your chance to submit something shorter!
The response to Harlequin Historical's more sensual storylines have been so positive that we are creating a new eBook sexy short story program—Historical UNDONE.

In Historical UNDONE we are looking for a high level of sensuality that flows naturally out of the plotline. There should be a strong emotional basis to the heightened attraction—it's vital the reader can believe in the intense emotion driving the characters as their relationship develops. These stories should be hot, sexy and subtly explicit without the lovemaking being vulgar or gratuitous.

Whether you choose a dark and devilishly sexy Regency rake caught in a compromising situation with a headstrong miss, or a courageous Saxon lady held captive by a powerful Norman warrior, your characters should be fully fleshed out and should be the main focus of the story.

The history should be well researched in order to give an authentic sense of period without taking over from the romance. We are happy to consider stories set in ancient civilizations up to and including the First and Second World Wars. What remains ever popular are the Regency tales, which could see your characters scandalizing high society or being drawn into a salacious underworld inhabited by pickpockets and courtesans!

We are also open to slightly different elements from those normally found in Harlequin Historical books. Please feel that you can explore aspects of the paranormal and time travel.

You do not need to be agented to send material to us. We are actively looking for talented new authors and wish you every success with your submissions.

Only complete manuscripts submitted electronically will be considered—no partials or queries, please. Submissions should be sent as a Word-compatible attachment. Submissions should also follow standard formatting guidelines and should be double-spaced and typed in a clear, legible font on numbered pages. Author name and title should appear as a header or footer on each page.

Historical UNDONE e-mail address:

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