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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Free Tudors Workshop

Forwarded with permission:

What: The Tudors
Instructor: Eliza Knight
When: August 18 - 21
Fee: Open to Public but must register if you wish to comment

The Tudor reign began in 1485 and ended in 1603. There were six reigning monarchs in the Tudor dynasty: Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Jane Grey, Mary I and Elizabeth I. Although some may not consider Jane Grey to have been a monarch considering she was only on the throne for nine days, I will include it because however short she was crowned queen.

A genealogical tree for the Tudors will be provided for information on births, deaths, marriages and children.

There will be six lessons during this course, one lesson for each monarch. Each lesson will discuss events during the reign of the monarchs, such as educational accomplishments, marriages, children, foreign policy, Acts within England, person’s close to them including advisors, and I will throw in some fun facts and gritty scandals too.

Questions and discussion welcome throughout, and there will be assignments and the end of each lesson to help refresh your memory of all the fascinating history you will learn.

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