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Friday, August 29, 2008

A Naughty Excerpt

I thought it would be fun to post a naughty excerpt for this week's release, Behind the Mask. I hope you enjoy it!

By the way, there's a good reason why the man on the cover looks like Phantom from Phantom of the Opera :)

Available Now!
“Behind the Mask” by Tawny Taylor
Length: Short Novella
Price: 2.50
Publication Date: Aug. 26, 2008

Three nights of uninhibited kink—and you’re invited.

Kelly Bennett is about to embark on a journey into a strange and foreign world, where men and women play erotic games of power and lust, hiding behind masks. A dark world of bondage, of domination and submission, of masters and slaves. The world of Masquerade Weekend.

But her journey is not a solitary one. She’s found a willing guide in Rogan Cayne, a man who knows his way around. A man with the strength to keep her safe as she indulges in some experimentation, and maybe a game or two of cat and mouse. As she lets Rogan slowly lure her with a touch, a look, and a few whispered words, she suddenly finds she’s a mouse with one very fierce cat on her tail.

Rogan isn’t about to let Kelly play it safe during this weekend of decadent, carnal exploration. In fact, before the weekend draws to a close, he intends to strip away her every defense and bring the luscious little submissive to her knees.

But is he willing to pay the price to discover what lies beneath her mask?

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, mild bondage and discipline, exhibitionism, BDSM themes, and a couple of naughty games.

“Come with me.” He released her, and she nearly stumbled to the floor.

She blinked her eyes open and turning, searched for him. He was standing at the rear of the dungeon, waiting by the door, his mouth quirked into a lopsided smile.

He truly was the most handsome guy she’d ever met. He had this way of looking at her. Like he was hunting her, but not at all in a creepy way. No, quite the opposite, that wicked gleam in his eyes was so very sexy. And when she closed her eyes, that was what she saw. His I’m-going-to-eat-you-up expression.

He watched her as she walked toward him. It felt like every cell in her body was electrified when she brushed past him, through the door. He placed a hand on the small of her back, using subtle pressure to steer her down the hall, through the foyer and up the stairs to the private rooms above. Even with the thick material of her gown and corset between her back and his hand, her skin tingled where he touched her.

He stopped in front of a door. “We must be respectful. Once we’re inside, you cannot speak. If you want to leave, simply squeeze my hand.” He slid his hand into hers.

“Okay.” She gave him a test squeeze and a nervous smile.

He opened the door and pulled her inside, quietly stepping aside to close the door.

Totally aware of his movements—he now stood directly behind her, so close—she felt jittery and uneasy. But she didn’t move. Not a step.

Before her, a scene with two men and a woman was in progress. All three were completely nude. And all three were very attractive. She couldn’t tear her eyes away.

The woman—perfect face, and that body! I hate her—was on her knees. One of the two men was standing directly in front of her, the other behind. It didn’t take long to figure out that the man standing in front of the woman was her Master. And in the next minute, Kelly learned he was about to turn his slave over to a new Master.

Kelly couldn’t imagine what it must feel like to be turned over from one lover to another, completely powerless to voice her opinion in the matter. Was the slave sad, to be hearing her Master no longer wanted her? Or was she happy and excited, ready to move on? Was there some kind of emotional attachment she had for the man who was willingly walking out of her life?

From her vantage, Kelly couldn’t see the woman’s face. And the woman’s body language wasn’t giving anything away. Kelly watched, with her breath in her throat.

This was real. It was…shockingly real.

The former Master bid his slave goodbye. He moved aside, and the new Master took his place.

“Present, slave,” the new Master demanded.

The woman cupped her hands under her full breasts and lifted them. “Your slave presents these breasts for your inspection and approval.”

“Approved,” her Master said.

The woman’s hands dropped to the vee of her thighs, parting her shaved labia. “Your slave presents this pussy for your inspection and approval.”

Her Master glanced down at his slave, then over Kelly’s shoulder, nodding at Rogan. “It would be my pleasure to invite our host to inspect my new slave.”


This was crazy. Strange and foreign. And yet Kelly felt like she was being drawn into this dark world, where women were traded like possessions, offered to other men. Could she fit in this world? Did she want to?

“Watch me,” Rogan whispered into her ear, before brushing past her. As he walked, his fingertips slid along the length of her fingers.

To her surprise, the simple touch did some not-so-simple things to her body.

He circled the slave, stooped in front of her and, his intense gaze focused on Kelly’s face, reached between the woman’s legs. Kelly’s pussy thrummed as she watched him slide his fingers into the woman’s pussy. So hot.

The way Rogan was looking at her, it was as if he was either touching her, instead of the slave, or touching the slave for her. The corners of his lips curled into a ghost of a smile, and quivering, Kelly pressed her fingertips to her mouth.

A bizarre current zapped between them, and she didn’t want the moment to end, as awkward and nerve-wracking and thrilling as it was. But much too soon, he broke the connection, stood and crossed his arms over his chest.

“I approve,” Rogan said.

“Thank you,” the Master said, nodding. “Can I offer my slave to you?”

Rogan glanced at Kelly and smiled wider. “Maybe later. Thank you.”

“It would be my pleasure.”

Rogan swept his arm toward the slave. “Please, continue.” He returned to Kelly and once again took her hand in his. She knew by doing so he was asking her if she wanted to leave, but the scene between the Master and his new slave intrigued her. She could almost imagine herself in the woman’s place, on her knees, her heart banging madly against her breastbone, her body aflame as she waited for her new Master’s next command.

The Master ordered his slave to a low bench against the wall. He secured the woman’s wrists in cuffs chained to the wooden supports affixed to the wall. The entire time the Master worked, Kelly’s focus was on the slave, her face, her eyes.

From the moment they’d stepped into this room, Kelly’s heart hadn’t stopped thumping heavily in her chest. And her face and chest felt hot, like she’d been standing too close to a tanning lamp. Adding to the whole thing, she was all too aware of Rogan behind her. He released her hand, instead sliding his hands around her sides and pulling her snug against him.

Her head was sort of spinny, her body tingly and twitchy and hot. She was very grateful for Rogan’s support—both the very literal one and the figurative one—especially when the Master dug into a large bag on the floor, produced a huge dildo and thrust it into his slave’s open pussy.

At exactly the same moment, Rogan reached between Kelly’s legs and dragged his hand along her wet slit, covered by a thin layer of sodden satin.

“Oh God,” Kelly murmured, quivering.

“Silence,” Rogan whispered. His fingers traced the top of Kelly’s thigh-high stockings. “Stay silent and still. Watch. Learn. Enjoy.”

How could she possibly stay silent when she was burning up inside? When the world around her didn’t make any sense, and she was alternating between cold shock and desperate desire?

Was this real? Any of it?

God help her, she hoped it was. She watched the Master before her repeatedly thrust that dildo into the trembling slave until she quaked and pled for mercy. At the same time, Rogan’s fingers danced over Kelly’s panties, teasing her pussy through the material. He hooked his fingers in the crotch and pulled sharply. The drenched material gave easily, tearing away. Kelly flinched and swallowed a yelp of surprise.

As he slid his fingers inside her, she leaned into him and sighed.

This was not happening. She was not letting a virtual stranger finger-fuck her while she watched a man “train” his bondage slave by driving an enormous dildo into her pussy. No, siree. Wasn’t happening.

Oh God, it was. And she liked it. She did. So much, so, in fact that she was going to come.

“Touch your pussy. Stroke your clit, my little whore,” Rogan murmured.

Desperate for release, she reached between her legs, and her fingers brushed over Rogan’s knuckles as she dragged some of her juices up to her supersensitive clit. She barely touched her pearl before it was all over.

Her knees buckled and a burst of heat blazed through her body. Her vagina tightened around Rogan’s invading fingers for a split second, until her orgasm swept through her. The pleasure. So intense. Her pussy convulsed rhythmically as the rest of her body quaked.

Rogan completely supported her weight with one arm while he used his other hand to prolong her pleasure, plunging in and out, stroking her intimately, his fingertips grazing that one special spot inside. She dropped her head back and rocked it from side to side. So hot. So, so hot. And desperate. And…more. She wanted more.

“Until tomorrow, my sweet whore,” Rogan said, slipping his hand out from between her legs. He pressed her fingertips to his lips, smiled.

And then he left her, and she was breathless and trembling. Confused and exhilarated.

What a night.

She couldn’t wait until tomorrow.


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