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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

An Interesting Discussion

Over on the Romance Divas forum, someone posted a link to This Article, titled What Editors Hate.

Generally, I can see where editors are coming from with the pet peeves they've mentioned. Many of them are commonly known. But one in particular sparked a conversation among the Divas.

Many agents hate prologues.

Many published books have prologues.

This discussion makes me wonder--what do readers feel about prologues?

I guess I'm indifferent. However, I'll admit, I often skip them and get right to the story. Only if I feel like I've missed something important will I go back and read the prologue. So even though I don't have anything against prologues in theory, I don't bother reading them very often.

What about you? Do you read prologues? Skim them? Hate them? Love them? Opinions anyone?


posted by Tawny Taylor at 9:43 AM |


Commented by Blogger angeleque:

It depends on how long the prologue is. Generally I read them if it's under 5 pages.

It's when they start to run 10, 15 or 20 pages that I start to skip and skim them.

In most of my writing, if I start with a prologue, it ends up chopped and sprinkled into the novel in other places.

8:16 PM 
Commented by Blogger Tawny Taylor:

Hi Angeleque!

You're a very patient lady :) I have written prologues in my books. Quite a few, in fact, have them. LOL Ironically, I'm really bad about NOT reading prologues in other authors' books.

8:28 PM 
Commented by Blogger Swantao Globel:

good post

3:41 AM 

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