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Thursday, November 13, 2008

What's New...?

I know I've been a TOTAL slacker in the blogging department, but I've made a decision that'll make it TONS easier to keep my blog current, entertaining and chock full of useful information.

I'm going to start blogging more about costumes, costume making and costuming supplies. I hope you'll enjoy the many posts I have planned for the future!

Today, I thought I'd start with research...because that's what I'm currently doing for next year's Renaissance festival outfit. Our festival (I'm in Michigan) doesn't start until September, but I've learned I need to start way in advance if I'm going to have time to create the kind of costume I wish to have. Last year, I struggled to finish a hand-embroidered blackwork partlet. I was working on it every free minute I had, from May through September, and although it's gorgeous, it isn't exactly what I'd envisioned when I'd started.

This year, I want to wear hand-embroidered blackwork sleeves. We're talking hundreds of hours on each one. But I'm getting off topic.

Costume Research.

There are thousands of sources on the internet for researching Renaissance period costumes. There are blogs, costume journals, museum websites, and online portrait galleries.

Below is a list of some of my favorites. You'll notice I prefer to use portraits as references for my costume designs:

Wikipedia. Wonderful for finding high-res copies of portraits. If you know the name of a particular noble, you can find him/her, take a look at the portraits, click links to related nobles. Fabulous resource.

Saya Espanola--a site dedicated to 16th century Spanish costume design. Includes thumbnails and links to portraits of 16th century Spanish nobles as well as photos and links to extant garments. Highly recommended if you're looking for inspiration for a Spanish style Ren Fest costume.

Elizabethan Costume Reviews. A wonderful website featuring a database of Elizabethan period portraits and reviews, commentary about each one. The database is organized by decade, which is super-handy for making sure your costume includes the proper style of headwear, sleeve and bodice for the particular time period you wish to portray.

La Couturiere Parisienne
. A gorgeous site featuring 16th century portraits organized into three groupings as well as articles about using portraits for costume study/inspiration.

The Realm of Venus. An excellent website for researching Italian Renaissance costume design. Features a Wardrobe page with portraits, a workbox, library, and (one of my fave elements of this site) the Showcase, featuring costumes sewn by seamstresses all over the world. Gorgeous work, a lovely site and very easy to navigate.

That's it for now. I hope some of you find this post useful. Do you have additional websites to recommend? Please, add them in the comments. Thanks!

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