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Monday, December 01, 2008

Holiday survival: Inexpensive Gift Ideas

With the economy being so bad, and funds being tight here at the Taylor household, I'm having to be extra frugal this holiday season. Finding nice gifts for a low price is a challenge but it isn't impossible.

What have I found so far?

1. Entertaining Gift Pack: assembled with inexpensive serving dishes purchased from Ikea (glass serving bowl, glass platter, two baking and serving dishes and a bundle of plastic serving utensils). Cost: $25.

2. Winter survival pack: assembled with items purchased on sale from my local grocery/drug store and an inexpensive throw bought at Ikea: throat lozenges, cold medicine, tea, pain reliever (Tylenol), one box of tissues, a can of chicken noodle soup and the Ikea throw blanket. Cost $25.

3. A box of gently used GeoTrax train toys purchased on eBay. (cost: $20)

4. A box of gently used children's books purchased on eBay (cost for 12 books: $9.00)

Gift Ideas:

If you're crafty or can sew, you could make a gift from materials you already have on-hand.
My daughter is receiving three garments that didn't sell on eBay (the color is tough to match, I guess). My cost: free.

Here are some other ideas...

Home made bath/beauty products (check out this site for recipes:

No-sew fleece throws are nice and inexpensive--if you buy the fleece on sale.

Fleece pillow (again, you have to catch the material on sale)

Make-your-own beanbag chair (directions and printable pattern:

Make-your-own magnet game/"paper" doll (directions:

Home made Gift Coupons (suggestions/ideas:

Home made Jar Gift (ideas/directions:

Home made Meal Gift Basket (ideas/suggestions:

Home made single serving Mug Mix/Gift (ideas/suggestions:

Have any other ideas/suggestions or resources? Please post them in the comments.


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