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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fabulous News!

Yes, I have been the world's WORST blogger. I recognize that fact, and I apologize. But if you thought I have been wasting those precious few minutes of writing time, I haven't. In fact, I've been quite busy.

In the past few months, I have created a concept for a new paranormal erotic series and have finished writing the first book. I have an offer from Ellora's Cave! Yeah! Whooo hooo! Wrath's Embrace, the first book in my new Masters of Sin series will release sometime in 2009--details to come.

What is this new series about?

Tormented, tortured heroes. Yum.
Hot m/m sex. Double yum.
And the women who make them whole.

They will be darkly erotic with the usual touch of BDSM.

I can't wait to dig into edits (which I already have!) and bring this book to my readers! So far, 2009 is looking fabulous!

What about you? How has your 2009 been so far? Any great news to share?


posted by Tawny Taylor at 3:25 PM |


Commented by Anonymous Anonymous:

Are you going to write a sequel to Dark Master? Isn't it part of the Masters of Desire series? That was a great book!

6:46 AM 
Commented by Blogger Tawny Taylor:

Hi Angela,

First, I'm absolutely thrilled you liked Dark Master! Thank you for reading it, and thank you for letting me know!

And yes, I do plan on writing a sequel. I have turned in Decadent Master to my publisher and am hoping it will be published soon!

Thanks again!


9:07 AM 

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