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Friday, March 05, 2010

Sneak Peek!

I've had a few readers email me, asking when the next book in the Masters of Sin series is coming out. The answer...soon (I hope)! My goal is to have it finished and on my editor's desk by April 1st.

To make the wait a little less frustrating, I thought I'd share an excerpt. I hope you enjoy it!

Warning: Over 18 only, please.


Copyright, Tawny Taylor 2010
All rights reserved
(please do not copy or distribute without permission)

Amun Bakhoum’s dick was limp.

It was a miracle.

How many years had he suffered the unrelenting, never-ending hard-on? He couldn’t say anymore. He’d lost count after a thousand.

It was such glorious relief, so welcome, even now--especially now--as he knelt over the nude, writhing blonde, his hips wedged between her bent knees, her pussy’s heat burning against his unresponsive rod.

For once, he wouldn’t have to take, take, take. He could stand up and walk away. Overjoyed, he leaned back on his heels, caught the hand of a guy with a hard, thick cock, and pulled him toward the waiting woman beneath him.

Somewhere, close by, his blessing waited. She was the woman who would free him from the curse that had left him burning in an unquenchable carnal fire so long he couldn’t remember what it was like, thinking of anything but his need to fuck.

Where was she? Who was she?

Fastening his pants, he scanned the room, once again full to capacity with men and women giving and taking erotic pleasure of all kinds. Plain, old fashioned fucking. Erotic bondage. Oral sex. Twosomes. Threesomes. Foursomes. Normally, his blood would be boiling. The sounds of this place. The scents. The sights would be more than he could handle. A beautifully round ass over there. A pair of perfectly-formed tits over there. Tight little nipples. Softly-rounded stomach. Lips pursed in a sexy pout. Rippling muscle as a man he’d fucked last night surged forward in a hard thrust, driving his cock into a wet pussy.

But not now. Praise the goddess, not now. He could stand here, watch, listen, smell, and not lose himself. The beast within him was silent.


The voice was familiar. Troi. Where? He spun around, finding Troi, the man who had suffered at his side all this time, fully dressed and smiling.

Within them lived a dark spirit, the sin of Lust. Each of them carried a part, sharing almost equally in the burden, the agony too much for one man to bear. It was almost too much for two.

Many days, Amun had believed it was.

But not now. Because there was hope now. The hope for peace.

The goddess who had delivered the spirit into them had finally given them the blessing she had promised so long ago. Amun was too overcome with relief and joy to even speak as Troi rushed toward him, eyes glimmering with unshed tears.

They embraced, now completely oblivious to the people around them. They kissed like they had never kissed before. With gentle, sweet affection. And once Amun’s throat was finally clear, he whispered, “She’s here somewhere. We have to find her.”

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